Welcome Sassy Sister, you have arrived!

As I give you a virtual high ten for showing up for yourself and connecting with me, let me take a moment to introduce myself

I’m Kirsty Kianifard, Coach and Business Entreprenuer. I have over 16 years of experience working with women and helping them ignite their fire, unleaseh their potential and astonish their communities.

My tribe is for women who no longer want to settle, who want to rise up, to step into their authentic greatness and to live their best life (like only they can!)

Have you found me on my socials yet? I am all about the personal connection, I want to be in your corner, cheering you on (channeling my inner ‘Bring It On' moment') and offering you motivational and practical tips, tricks and tools to better acquaint you with your badass, epic, sensational self!

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