Do you use a red purse or wallet?

Strange question, huh? Well, apparently using a red purse/wallet will make you more financially abundant but could this be true and where has this superstition come from?

Through my beliefs, this actually makes some sense as red is the colour associated with the root chakra (muladhara) and one area of life the root chakra governs is financial stability.

This chakra, often perceived to be the ‘boring' chakra in my experience, is the most crucial to living a fulfilled life with a plenitude of health and wealth. So how do we know if this chakra is out of balance and what can we do to get in back on track?

Poor health, lethargy, insecurity, depression, problems at work, lack of financial stability, problems with family or home life and any discomfort in the lower back, hips, knees, ankles, feet or legs is a big sign that your root chakra needs some work. While this imbalance is present, life can feel very hard.

It's said that this chakra's strengths and weaknesses are programmed into the energetic body between the ages 0 – 7 years old. If there were any of the issues above present in your family life as a child this may well have created some deep rooted blockages within this chakra that have surfaced frequently in your life.

To encourage balance and optimise the function of this chakra will enable a very strong root for the rest of your life to build upon. So, lets balance those root chakras!

Visualise bathing in the colour red – this can be done during meditation. When working on clients with a blocked root chakra it can often feel as though the lower half of the body is cut off from the rest. Imagine drawing the energy from above your head all the way down to your toes and into the earth then bathe your aura in a bright red light.

Be barefoot – physically connect with the earth, if you can walk bare foot outside then even better.

Stand tall – so simple yet so powerful, simply stand with both feet grounded to the earth and visualise your self as a strong, independent, powerful and wise tree whose roots are so connected to the earth that the most fierce storm could not take you down.

Eat healthily – eat natural and organic foods that will resonate completely with this chakra.

Experience a muladhara Chakrosanct treatment – my own treatment system designed specifically to work on individual chakras. Chakrosanct treatments

Still not sure if your root chakra is out of balance? Well then why not just have some fun with it. See how the above exercises feel to you, see if you are noticing or being drawn to the colour red. Maybe your best friend has suddenly discovered she loves tomatoes or recently bought a fabulous pair of red shoes? Chakra signs are everywhere and the more you learn the more fascinating life becomes.

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As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so leave a comment or question below.

Lots of root chakra strength coming your way,

Kirsty x


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