Are you repeating the same message?

“It's so infuriating, they just don't understand!” … Ever hear yourself saying this? Feel like your arguing over the same thing time and time again? You thought the last time you had made some progress only to find yourself having the same heated discussion only days or weeks later?

You start amplifying this issue in your mind until it begins to creep into all areas of your life and you can't think about anything else!


Stop yourself in your tracks the next time you hear yourself embarking on this ‘landmine', whether in your head or out loud, and think … Maybe if they aren't getting the message, I should change the message?

But how can you change the message when this is what's not getting through? How? By really looking at the message you are trying to get across and realising the only reason it is making you feel this way is because of the importance you have placed upon it.

How does it feel to realise that actually this message is far more about an insecurity of yours that is surfacing than anything to do with the other person.

You think that by the other person changing or the situation altering that you will feel better? Guess what … You won't. You will just find something else that brings out this reaction in you until you confront the underlying issue.

So … Next time you feel that blood boiling, remove yourself from the situation, sit in peace and send love and forgiveness to everyone involved then repeat this mantra:

“I accept and love myself for all that I am, I release all negative thought patterns about ……… (Fill in the blank) and I set myself free”.

Now, notice the changes this has. Do you feel lighter? Do you feel like you have just set your spirit free?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic so leave a comment or question below.

Lots of free spirited love,



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