Are you busy being or just being busy?

I had a long discussion with a client the other day about how a lot of people seem to be in competition with one another to be the busiest. It almost seems that how busy we are is a measurement of success, commitment and purpose in the world. Truth is, most people who are saying “I'm just too busy” are not doing the things that make them happy and often feel overwhelmed by everything going on around them.

The things that often end up getting pushed down the priority line due to being busy is quality time. Quality time with your lover, quality time with your family, quality time with your friends and most importantly quality time with yourself.

You see, neglect in all of these areas can lead to cracks in your support foundation and these cracks can surface as physical or emotional disease.

Spending your life chasing your tail and never stopping to check-in with what really matters in your life is such a waste of this life you have been given. A life where we can feel joy, share laughter and feel what it is like to be loved and give love.

Have you ever felt lonely, rejected of unloved? Petty horrible huh? Is there anyone in your life who might be feeling this way because you're just sooooooo busy? Are you feeling like this because you haven't made time to love and nurture your own soul?

Approaching everything in your life from a place of peace, presence and sincerity and actually showing up to your life rather than just taking part is where true happiness and success can grow.

Decide today to dedicate just one hour a day for 30 days to you, you choose if that is spent alone or in the company of someone you love. Indulge in this whole hour to nurture relationships, your mind and your body and watch all the areas of your life expand with new possibilities as your priorities shift.


Love and beauty,

Kirsty x

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