How does your internal landscape look?

You know that feeling inside? The one you get when you hear bad news, have an argument or get hurt by another. It kind of nestles into your heart or your solar plexus and is literally a manifestation of this ‘thing' that has just happened.

What do you do when this feeling strikes? Do you react/fight back? Do you dwell on this emotion and wonder “why me?”. Or, do you use this physical sensation to reveal some hidden wound or insecurity that this ‘not so nice' situation has just ripped open? My guess is that your first reaction is to fight or dwell, right?

Here's the thing, literally everything that happens in life can be used to learn more about that great mystery that is YOU! Your being is more than a spirit, a mind and a body. It is an infusion of all three that will show you all you need to know about life if you just listen.

Next time you feel a physical manifestation of an emotional pain (and this might be a constant feeling for some of you right now) don't run away from it with your mind. Invite this feeling in and ask yourself some questions.

  • Why has this situation caused me to feel this way?
  • If I could give this emotion a name, what would it be?
  • How do I really want to feel right now?
  • What could I learn from this?

Writing down the answers to these questions will uncover a wealth of insight but even just saying them to yourself will help. Try to avoid the external projection of “it's their fault” etc and internalise this emotion. Only here will you find the answers you need.


The outside world is simply a projection of your internal landscape so do the work here and leave the rest to reveal its potential.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts, tips and experiences so feel free to join in the conversation by leaving a comment below. It's great to build up a dialogue and support for readers.

Sending loving lessons,

Kirsty x

3 thoughts on “How does your internal landscape look?

  1. Insightful and useful! I acknowledge the painful thought or feeling and offer it comfort while enjoying mindful breaths. After a while sunshine and clarity again shine.

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