Do you care what others think?

“Well, I don't care what other people think of me!” Ever heard someone say this? Was it true? Can they really take all positive and negative feedback without it causing an emotional response which they act upon?

How about if someone says to you “your work is rubbish and your personality sucks” or “I love what you do and can see you only want what is best for the people and world around you”. You would prefer the second quote, right?

Of course you would! It's completely ‘normal' to feel angry and hurt about the first quote and say something in your head or out loud to checkmate that negative comment. It's completely ‘normal' to get a buzz from the second quote and to give yourself an honorary pat on the back, isn't it?

"Be Proud to Stand Out"
“Be Proud to Stand Out”

So, that person who doesn't care what other people think, they would just rise above both comments as the self-belief they have is strong enough to go through life not reacting to other people's judgement. If this is true then great as it is this non-attachment to feeling accepted by others that allows us to flourish.

In a recent blog post by one of my favourite inspirational writers, Mastin Kipp, he says:

“Sure, people judge. But the point is, SO WHAT? We can't let the judgement of others stop us from shining our light.”

We can't allow our mood or life path to be affected by other people's judgements. Not only does this lead to an unfulfilled life and a block to following our dreams but it is also a  ride on an emotional rollercoaster of stress, anxiety and fear that you may never get off.

Be proud to stand out! In fact, use the negativity of another to motivate you to try even harder to achieve your goals. Connect with yourself in times of self-doubt and look inward for the reassurance and guidance you need to move full steam ahead. Your inner guide  tells you all you need to know and let's face it,  it knows you a heck of a lot better than anyone else does.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts, tips and experiences so feel free to join in the conversation by leaving a comment below. It is great to build up a dialogue and support for readers.

Loving you for you,

Kirsty x

2 thoughts on “Do you care what others think?

  1. Wow Georgina, you sound so strong. There is nothing more amazing than growing that connection with your inner guide and voice. I am sure what you have shared here will inspire others to bring it back home and to ask within for guidance. I am excited about what the future has in store for you. Love x x

  2. Hi Kirsty, I love your blog this month. I am 41 and currently going through a divorce and although my husband and I are working through the situation together and it is amicable and and we have managed to stay the best of friends, it is still a challenging time for both of us. We have received a lot of feedback from friends and family, and although people are only trying to help, sometimes their feedback can be difficult to hear. I am learning to look inside myself to find the strength and courage that I need at this time in my life and I listen to my guides and inner voice. This skill has proven to be priceless and seems to keep growing day by day. It is good advice to highlight to others what an important part of you the inner voice is and how it can help you to feel less alone even where there is no one else around. looking forward to next months blog!! Love and light Georgina xx

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