If you are looking for a SIGN, this is it!

Many of you have been getting in touch about wanting to embark on a new chapter in your life that has been calling to you. The key word in the above sentence is wanting. By getting to the level of wanting to do something you have done a lot of the work but turning this wanting into doing needs belief, faith and determination.

What hold us back from doing is fear. 

What if I try this and I fail?

What if no one thinks I'm doing the right thing?

What if what I have now is at good as it gets?

What I would like to add to this conversation you are having with yourself is, what if you never do it? What if you never even try? How does that feel? Why not take a few minutes here and really think about that. Hey, why not even share your thoughts here in the comments below?

*Kirsty sits and chants “OMMMMMMMMM”


Now, if the idea of never doing this ‘thing' leaves you with a sense of regret then this is the sign you have been waiting for. This is your inner guide telling you to take a leap of faith … NOW!

Have belief and faith in yourself and your inner guide. Trust that if you are feeling the need to follow a certain path then it is your next calling. It is time to open yourself up to new lessons and opportunities in order to expand your horizons.

If you simply keep repeating the same patterns of thought and action, you will only get the same results.

Bit like a maths equation really (and maths is not my strong point but even I get this) – If you keep working out the same equation you will keep getting the same results.

Push yourself! Only then will you see what you are truly capable of and have faith that everything will fall into place at just the right moment.


So, to get you started on this fabulous new path of yours here are some tips to making this transitional period a little more comfortable:

  • Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who are also following their dreams
  • Keep a journal and log of all the things you are grateful for each day. You'll be amazed how much positivity can lift your spirit
  • Focus on the goal ahead but take daily action to get there
  • Make time for meditation. If you hit a wall at any point then sit in silence, close your eyes and simply ask yourself – What one positive action can I take now? Wait, take a deep breath and the answer will come

Now, I am not saying this is going to be easy but it is SO going to be worth it!

As always, I love hearing your thoughts, tips and experiences so feel free to join in the conversation by leaving a comment below. It is great to build up a dialogue and support for readers.

Sending you oodles of belief and support,

Kirsty x

Ps. Do you have a topic or question that you would like me to discuss on this blog? If so, email me at kirsty@uoecospa.com or leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “If you are looking for a SIGN, this is it!

  1. Thank you for this post, it was just what I needed. Have been trying to decided if I should play it safe with my current job that I don’t find inspiring or follow my passion. I have come to the conclusion that life is too short not to follow my heart!x

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