Is Now A Good Time?

Is it ever a good time? What makes it a good time? Who decides when it's the right time?

Got you thinking? Well my question to you today is, why do we use the above excuses to put off doing something? I have a theory that it is for one of two reasons.

  1. We don't want to do this ‘thing' and rather than speak our truth we find it easier to use an excuse
  2. We REALLY want to do this ‘thing' but it pushes us so far out of our comfort zone or needs such commitment that we prefer to put it off and stay put within our warm and snuggly safety blanket

But where do either of these two options really get us?

I have been very guilty of the above and have often shied away from taking a big step due to fear of failure or perhaps even fear of other peoples judgements.


However, there have been times in my life when I have looked fear right between the eyes, held my breath and jumped and I have to acknowledge here that these moments have all been massive turning points for me. When I look back now, I realise that had I not made these leaps of faith I wouldn't have any of the things that I hold dearest to me today.

Being held back by fear, lack, doubt or any other ego-based emotion can control your life forever and keep you locked on a treadmill of repetition and narrow-minded thoughts. Expanding your horizons to the possibilities that your dreams hold and allowing your soul and spirit to tell you when to fly is the only way to reach your infinite potential. Because, that is just it, we all have an infinite pool of potential within us just waiting to be released. Once this pool has been accessed it becomes a lake then a river then an infinite ocean that can span across the horizon, endlessly feeding our growth.


So, which would you prefer? Staying safely tucked up with the doubts, what if's, maybe when's or one day I will's OR waking up tomorrow and deciding that from now on all your dreams will become your reality and your life's work is to make this happen?

Let me know your conclusion.

Love and courage,

Kirsty x

2 thoughts on “Is Now A Good Time?

  1. Thank you Sarah, I feel very blessed when I know that by sharing my thoughts and experiences I am able to help others. Getting strength from one another and the world around us is what life is about. The hard times are just tests we have to pass to release even more potential. Keep going lovely, Kirsty x

  2. Your blog always touches a chord with me – particularly this one! Keep writing, your words are so inspiring and its great to hear how you overcame fear to take that leap of faith. I need courage to face my fears and your words give me that strength. Thank you!

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