Do you believe in Miracles?

Todays post is a little bit different from usual as I have an experience that I would like to share with you and I am hoping that, as a result, you may find exactly what you are looking for written in or between these lines.

So, last Saturday I was in London with a group of about 300 plus, wearing a sticker that said “I'm A Miracle Worker” and here I am …

IMG_0609Now, I know I quite often do things that some others may think a little ‘whacky', ‘hippy-ish' or even ‘weird' but even I found a little bit of unease come in when I adorned this sticker but  hey … who wouldn't want to be a ‘miracle worker' so I was excited about what I had signed up for.

You see, I was about to sit through a full day workshop with Gabrielle Bernstein – a lady who for some reason shows up on my radar again and again and who I honestly feel I can relate to on many different levels. Anyway, this post is not about me and my preferences but rather about the synchronistic events that led me to this event last Saturday

As many of you know, my life is F-U-L-L to bursting and that is exactly how I like it BUT sometimes juggling my businesses, my 11 month old baby, my wedding plans, my family and all the other pleasures life has to offer can make me so focused on the end goal that I push out the one thing that ignites my internal fire and makes me truly feel like ME. And what is this thing I push out? It is my connection to that something that is greater than us, that ‘thing' that gives us purpose – some may call it spirit, energy, the universe, inner guidance but basically my higher purpose.


The crazy thing is that in the moments that I take to connect with my inner guide and the energy around us that is in everything is when miracles really do happen for me. It is when the thing I want more than anything actually happens. It is when the person or situation that I need to appear really appears. It is when the support or understanding I need is really given to me. So why then, is this the first thing that gets pushed out when life gets full? And, why is it that it takes a one day course with a woman who I admire so much for living, breathing and working this connection, for me to remember to come back home?

I have been thinking since last weekend that maybe it is because the distraction of the outside world can be so great that it is easy to be lured in and jump on the treadmill? Maybe that call that we have to embrace the ‘something more' that we yearn for is actually a far more difficult and disciplined path but boy, isn't it worth it when you see the clarity and opportunities that arise. I know my answer to that …


I feel my perspective has changed, I am now focusing on a daily practice to live through guidance and not along side it. Whether this is practiced with meditation, mindfulness, yoga, Sanskrit chants or amongst nature I have made a commitment and the change I have noticed in just five days is phenomenal. I'm sure this won't be easy and that I will fall back on to the treadmill every now and then but I trust that all I need will be there for me exactly when I need it.

So much love and gratitude for all your support,

Kirsty x x

At the next ‘Explore Your True Potential' workshop (Thursday 21 March at 6.30pm) I will be bringing in some influences from Gabrielle's work, taking you to a deeper level and building on that connection with your inner guide. We will be using meditations, mantras and affirmations to bust through the fears and open up to the potential within each of us. To book email me or call our Uniquely Organic EcoSpa reception on 01273 726973

If you want a more hands on approach to opening up this connection and slowing down the mind-chatter then our Sahasrara Chakrosanct treatment (crown chakra) will take you there.


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