Is this for real?

Life is busy right? We all know that feeling of chasing our tails and never feeling like there are enough hours in the day. For some this is a daily occurrence and for others this feeling occurs only in certain situations. Now hang on, is this real? Are we living in ‘real-life' or are we living in a chaotic existence that we ourselves have created to give us meaning or to prove something to the world or (most probably) to ourselves? The craziest thing is that some people are killing themselves doing things that don't make them happy and as a result feel they are leading an incomplete and unfullfilled life.


You see, I feel we have gotten into thinking that everything our internal chatter is telling us is the TRUTH when the actual reality is that we as individuals have chosen to think these thoughts and as a result of this thinking we carry out our daily actions to follow what we think.

This is when life takes over and that oh so precious and deserving YOU simply becomes a machine to carry out the daily grind.

I beg you to STOP. It does not have to be this way. Believe me you have the choice to create exactly the life you want by creating exactly the thoughts and beliefs that will get you there.

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So, take your power back dammit! Decide that from now on you are going to acknowledge your thoughts as they enter your mind and use them to either learn more about ‘the story' you have been telling yourself all this time (I'm a failure, I'm not good enough, I can't trust my judgements etc) or to propel you forward into the life you really WANT to live.

It is my true belief and mission in life that everyone can lead a life they both want and absolutely, unconditionally and wholeheartedly LOVE.

So (little assignment here) for the next week I would like you to witness your thoughts and to endeavour to see things differently. This will start to change the story you have been projecting  onto the outside world so then all YOU have to do is sit back and watch what happens and I promise you it's gonna be good!

With love, enthusiasm and a passion for life,

Kirsty x x

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