What is your perception?

Sometimes in life we feel we have been dealt a rough ride, don't we? Even if generally we are positive, happy and outgoing, some days it just feels like someone is having a bit of a laugh at our expense.

You know the drill, you sleep through your alarm, then you miss the bus, then the boss kicks off because you are late, then you have an hour-long meeting which you find really tedious, then you go to the gym at lunch and your shampoo has exploded in your bag, and so on and so on. You get my drift.

d1e3fd30b72d7d62bed51983a882dbbaHow do you feel at the end of this day? Do you just wish time would fast forward and you could just start all over again? I know I have and I doubt I'm the only one.

Now, one or two days like this can turn into three or four and then even months and months of feeling like something is against you. You know those sayings like “it's just my luck” well, people who find themselves saying and feeling this can find it hard to shift their perception on life and how it is treating them.

However, that's just it … life isn't ‘treating' them this way because it can't! Life is simply drawing more of what we are expecting to us, because we are literally asking for it by the energy and emotions we are putting out there.

Last week I asked you to witness ‘your story' and to ask yourself if, what your mind was telling you was really true. Now we have to take action and look at what we are being sent on a daily basis and begin to change our perceptions on this. You see, to create a life full of wonder, excitement and dreams we must begin to experience every moment as if this were already the case.


I know this is hard. You're probably thinking “how can I make the fact that I have just been dumped by my boyfriend feel exciting?” Well, it takes time but it is all about noticing your initial reaction, which to this situation might be grief and anxiety, and shifting your perception to that of potential growth and continued learning. Both are parts of a break up but one perspective has the opportunity to present a new and unfolding story to begin.

Your next challenge is to take your power back and own this forthcoming story and commit to making it one filled with great adventure, purpose and most importantly happiness.


With loving guidance,

Kirsty x

At the next ‘Explore Your True Potential' workshop (Thursday 4 April at 6.30pm) we will be working on changing our perceptions and negative thought patterns to begin rewriting the story we have been presenting to the world and ourselves. We will be using meditations, affirmations and open discussions to choose a more fulfilling way of being. To book email me Kirsty@uoecospa.com or call our Uniquely Organic EcoSpa reception on 01273 726973

If you want a more hands on approach to changing your perceptions and opening up to new positive possibilities then our Ajna Chakrosanct treatment (third eye chakra) will take you there.


3 thoughts on “What is your perception?

  1. Thank you Deborah, that was always my aim with UO and to know that we are inspiring others to choose a positive life path is just wonderful. See you Thursday x x

  2. Ah, that’s perfect, Kirsty, and just what coming to UOE has helped me with too!

    Look forward to seeing you on the 4th.

    Debbie X

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