Are you present in your past?

Would you say you are living in your past? Do you think that is even possible?

I certainly think it is, I would even be so bold as to say that what holds most people back in life is their past. That in times of great opportunity the past haunts us with fears and re-edits of old events that tell us things won't work out the way we hope.

You see, this is our ego taking over and letting us know that we shouldn't worry because it has our back and will stop us making fools of ourselves again or risk loosing what we already have. Problem is, this is just an illusion. No one event or circumstance is ever going to be exactly the same as the one before but our subconscious mind has default mechanisms that click in to action when certain ‘types' of scenarios occur.


Have you ever looked back at an old memory and painted a rather rosy picture of something that at the time was quite difficult and actually unpleasant? We do this to find comfort and protection for the future. To give ourselves that ‘wrapped in cotton wool' feeling of better the devil you know.

Living this way is fine. But it will never be spectacular. Sending love and gratitude to your past but living firmly in the present and experiencing every moment as if another had never existed before this one is where magic and miracles lie. It is where new thought patterns are created, where an abundance of opportunities will arrive and where attracting exactly what you want into your life can become a daily occurrence. It is when you feel the most alive.


How do you know when you are living in the present moment? You feel balanced, at peace, strong, guided and you physically feel every moment through your emotions, your mind and your physical body. It is when synchronistic events happen and when you notice signs and beauty in the environment around you.

So, take a minute. Check in with yourself. How are you really feeling right now? Are you a bystander in your past or the main player in your present?

In this moment, with love,

Kirsty x

At the next ‘Explore Your True Potential' workshop (Thursday 18 April at 6.30pm) we will be working on sending forgiveness and acceptance to our past and connecting whole-heartedly with our present. We will be using meditations, affirmations and open discussions to choose a more mindfull way of being. To book email me or call our Uniquely Organic EcoSpa reception on 01273 726973

If you want a more hands on approach to  connect with your present and disconnect with your past then our Sahasrara Chakrosanct treatment (crown chakra) will take you there.


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