A change is coming …

A lot of people don't like change. Why? Because it upsets the rhythm and offers up the opportunity for new and unfamiliar things to occur. Some people are SO averse to change that they actually CHOOSE to stay in an unhappy place rather than risk change because they feel they are safe and secure with what they know.


Now, I am not just talking about huge life changes like moving countries, changing careers and ending long-term relationships, I am also talking about changing our attitude to life.

You see, all those big, important life changes come about much more organically when we begin to implement change on a subtle but much deeper level. When we begin to see that by encouraging change on a ‘smaller' scale we encourage a domino effect of inspired change throughout all other areas of our lives.

I can hear you asking “what do you mean by ‘smaller' change?”

Well, how many of you walk/drive the same way to work every day? Change it!

How many of you look at the way your house is at the moment and wish you could just spend some time sorting it out? Change it!

How many of you have that reoccurring feeling of dread when Monday morning comes? Change it!

How many of you dwell over the tiniest details that in the end stop you from doing what you really want? Change it!


So often I hear people complaining about things they feel are totally out of their control but, guess what, your attitude and offerings to this vibrant world we live in are TOTALLY in your control. Once you realise this and I mean really understand this concept then you will embrace change. You will want to change every negative thought, every unloving gesture and every area of your life that has become stagnant.


If you feel your life has become monotonous, unexciting or even slightly mundane then you absolutely, most certainly need to make some changes. When you life becomes exciting, thrilling and makes you feel alive, only then have you nailed it.

So, good luck, have fun and be the change,

Kirsty x

If you want a more hands on approach to evoking change in your life then our Svadhisthana Chakrosanct treatment (sacral chakra) will take you there.


At the next ‘Explore Your True Potential’ workshop (Thursday 18 April at 6.30pm) we will be working on sending forgiveness and acceptance to our past and connecting whole-heartedly with our present. We will be using meditations, affirmations and open discussions to choose a more mindful way of being. To book email me Kirsty@uoecospa.com or call our Uniquely Organic EcoSpa reception on 01273 726973

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