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I have been working in my field for almost 10 years and am now exploring the idea of self-healing more than ever. You see, in the last nine or so years I have come across SO many different clients with a variety of ailments but every single individual has one thing in common. Their physical, emotional or mental ailment is MUCH deeper than surface level and at some point in their lives they have felt powerless to it. As a result, they have looked for ‘outside' help. This is often where I have come in.

I have guided many clients to connect with themselves on a much deeper level than they have been used to in order to rebuild the connection between all parts of their being. Just taking an hour out to themselves to have a massage has created space, both for the body and the mind, to establish a bond that was at one point in their life so perfect.

Now a lot of the work I do uses Reiki and Chakra healing as a way of diagnosing imbalances within the subtle body and releasing blocks on a variety of levels. I just love this form of healing as it is completely accessible to everyone, no matter their state of health, and induces such a state of relaxation that can instantly take the client into the most powerful healing mindset – the meditative mindset.


It is here that we are brought fully into the present moment. We are able to witness our thoughts as an observer, our physical body as a vessel and our spirit as our true self. It is through this level of mindfulness that we become our own healer and are able to ask ourselves what it is we truly need to live our full potential. The truth is, no external being can ever give us the answers we need, they are all already there within us, the key is being able to have the space, time and peace of mind to find them.

Individuals who are expereinced in meditation can get to this place relatively easily and as a result it gives them a sense of ‘coming home' when they sit on their meditation pillow. However, for others, they may have never been to this place and can find it almost impossible to get there unguided.

The gift of offering Reiki healing allows me to take people there and the honour of offering attunements in Reiki allows me to empower them to become their very own healers.

I will be eternally grateful for this role I have been given in life and I am constantly learning and being inspired by those that are guided to me to work with.

I would like to close this post with a meditation by the wonderful Louise L. Hay. Sit comfortably, read it out loud, then close your eyes and see where it takes you …

“In this world of change, I choose to be flexible in all areas. I am willing to change myself and my beliefs to improve the quality of my life and my world. My body loves me in spite of how I may treat it. My body communicates with me, and I now listen to its messages. I am willing to get the message. I pay attention and make the necessary adjustments. I give my body what it needs on every level to bring it back to optimum health. I call upon an inner strength that is mine whenever I need it.”

Love and light,

Kirsty x

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