Can you show up?

I love life, I really do. I know it sounds corny but that statement just popped into my head as I was doing some work and I knew I needed to share something with those of you that need this.

You see, I am following my intuition on this one. I don't love life because everything is perfect, full of roses and going exactly to plan (it never does, right?) πŸ™‚ . I love life because it never lets you down! When you fall off track or get sucked into some emotional turmoil or wonder if you are doing the right thing – life always shows you exactly what you need to see/hear.

I am yet to become unfazed by ‘synchronistic events' even though I find comfort in their signs on a daily basis – they still often blow my mind. Every now and then it can feel like someone has put blinkers on us and we get so focused on one thing that we forget to ‘show up' to life and forget to look out for its guided beauty.


We can carry on along this path for some hours, maybe even days but hopefully no longer before something happens. Life shows up to us! It comes to tell us that we ARE on the right path, our hard work IS paying off and we DO need to keep pushing forward even if it feels really hard.

You know why you must always keep pushing? Because just as you are about to give up is exactly when things are about to change!

So, be patient, be kind to yourself and remember … you already have everything you need to succeed, you just need to show up and accept your chosen path!

Love and strength,

Kirsty x

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