Can you recognise the other person in you?

I'm warning you now, this is hard! But, it blocks our spiritual and personal development so much if we do not understand this concept. We are categorised by the stories we tell ourselves, they are protection mechanisms to stop people seeing who we really are or, they are ego driven. They are the ‘labels’ that make us feel good about ourselves. It causes separation from each other and therefore separation from spirit.

So, what am I talking about? I am talking about life. I am saying that life is a mirror and it is constantly reflecting back to you what you are projecting. Therefore what you are seeing in front of you, however frustrating, ignorant or arrogant MUST be present within you for you to notice. And, most importantly, for you to react to it.


The illusion is the separation. To bring oneness to all people and all things removes the ego, it cannot exist within this level of consciousness. We are all one and we are all the same, the only difference is our perception of it and how unaware we are of ourselves.

This will be the hardest spiritual lesson you have to learn and will probably be one you will be working with on some level for the foreseeable future but once you understand the concept, you are half way there.

Lets get honest here, what labels have you given yourself?. Are you a lawyer, a mother, a millionaire, a doctor, a wife … etc. What are you telling the world to make yourself different from someone else? Take a minute here and write this down.

Now, think about the individual that really grates on you, the one you dread seeing or are angry at for a particular action. Take a minute here and write down what you don't like about this person; are they impatient, self-obsessed, patronising or spiteful?

Do you think you are guilty of any of those traits? Do you think their behaviour could be coming from the same pain that you yourself may also have felt at some point in your life?


Peel back the layers and realise we are all one. Begin to make true connections with everyone you meet that aren't based on the clothes they are wearing, the job that they do or where they are from. Wish all you have ever hoped for yourself on a stranger … how does that feel?

Anything surprising coming up?

Wishing you so much love and opportunity,

Kirsty x

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