What are you complaining about?

We've all been guilty of this. We are surrounded by it in the media, we often thrive on it with others and even try to compete with it. So what is it? It's COMPLAINING!

One persons life can often be made up of the things that aren't going right, the people who aren't treating them well and the world that is quite obviously working against them. What's more, telling people about their misfortunes and getting sympathy or, even worse, getting more negate thoughts about said topic becomes quite an addictive habit.

So why do we complain so much? Does it make you feel better? Does having someone else tell you ‘your right' make the other person or situation wrong? What if someone tells you your wrong? Does that make you angry and make you complain about this person too?


Can you see how this negative energy quickly breeds, dragging other people into it like quick sand and therefore creating new ‘problems' to complain about.

They way I see it is  you have two choices. Complain about the life you are living or celebrate in it and choose to concentrate on the good and use the bad to make you stronger. Isn't it a sad state of being if we can't recognise the beauty that surrounds us and the gift of this life we have been given? Think about people who inspire you, do they focus on their failures and struggles or bathe joyfully in the endless possibilities of the present moment? In fact, don't answer that one, I think I can guess …

20130814-104435.jpgWishing you endless peace and contentment,

Kirsty x

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