Your energy speaks volumes …

Throughout my 10 year career I have worked with many clients from all walks of life. Some are outgoing and willing to divulge personal information to aid their healing and others are more reserved and prefer to keep schtum about their personal affairs. At first, I thought it would be hard to give as good a treatment to the more timid client as less information had been disclosed but, oh boy, how wrong I was!

It quickly became evident to me, through my extensive study and practice of energy work, Reiki and the Chakra system, that the exchange of information that was happening in treatments far outweighed anything my client could have told me. How? Well, through my clients energy I began to be able to feel imbalances and struggles that were affecting their physical body, emotional needs or mental clarity and as a result I could offer them a new perspective and a replenished energetic body.

And you see, the communication I am having with my clients energy is free from ego, personal beliefs, conditioned thought and anything else that can alter the spoken word. I am seeing only their truth.


After working this way for a while and deepening my practice regularly to strengthen the treatments I am able to offer, I feel it is time to start showing others how to look at the world and themselves through energetic projections rather than just at face value. What does this mean?

It means:

  • Learning to tune in to yourself and to pick up on imbalances before they turn into physical complications
  • Learning what to do when imbalances occur and being able to pinpoint why and from where they have occurred
  • Learning to treat your external landscape as a reflection of your internal world and using this to improve your life
  • Learning to communicate with others from the heart and becoming sensitive enough to see what is not being said

And so much more …

I have put together my latest workshop ‘Journey Through the Seven Chakras' to achieve just this. It is a seven week course that takes you on a journey through one chakra a week allowing time for your own growth between each session. Beginning at the root and working our way to the crown, we will get to know the beauty of each energy centre and the influence they have on our lives. We will explore techniques and tools that will help us understand where we need more balance and the action needed to get there.

The response I have had since this workshop was released has been incredible and I am hoping this is next step for many of you on your own personal journeys. To book or for more information, contact me directly .

With love,

Kirsty x

Want to deepen your practice? Learn how to heal yourself and others? Kirsty is a Reiki Master and offers Reiki level 1, 2 and mastership attunements

If you want a more hands on approach to evoking change in your life then our Svadhisthana Chakrosanct treatment (sacral chakra) is currently on offer at Kirsty's EcoSpa.


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