The Masculine And The Feminine …

Recently there has been a running theme with my clients, especially when I am working with Reiki.

In Reiki we acknowledge the presence of the female and male energies with the intention of finding a sense of of balance between the two. My recent findings have shown a dip in the abundance of feminine energies amongst both my male and female clients. This observation has led me to highlight the importance of this balance.


You may expect to find stronger male energies in men and stronger feminine energies in women but this is not always the case. You see, when we are talking about these two energies we are referring to a balance, to ying and yang and to giving and receiving. These are all made up of male and female elements.

Your relationships, your career, your family, your finances, your hearts desires, your sexual drive and your intuitive abilities all have both male and female qualities. When these things are well nourished and explored we feel whole, complete and are living in abundance.

You see, it doesn't really matter whether you are male or female but what does matter is how you prioritise your time and what you give your energy to. This decides the balance between these two equally important energies.


Now, I must stop myself here to assure you that even if you have no interest in Reiki or any other spiritual practice you can benefit from understanding this concept. If you look around you now at all the objects you can see, could you separate them into feminine and masculine? Perhaps the colour or purpose of an object gives it a certain feeling/energy?

In energetic terms, all things have a more dominant male or female energy. When these things are put together, they become a way of life and begin to affect us individually.

So, what tangible things do the female and male energies govern in our lives?

Our female energies help us feel, nurture, love receive, create, express and empathise. Our male energies help us ground, organise, support, give, inspire, excite, learn and manifest. The list goes on but I'm hoping you get the feel of the differences between the two.

There can be certain activities that evoke certain energies within us. These can be used as tools when trying to regain a balance.

If we feel the masculine energy has taken over, it is important to nurture ourselves,taketime out, explore creative pursuits and communicate how we are feeling. If the feminine energy has taken over perhaps your life would benefit from a bit more structure, grounding exercises, inspired action in your work life or even an entirely new career path.


The flow and dance of the male and female energies are ever present in nature and everything around us. In nature, this balance is finely tuned to ensure the continued growth and sustainability of life.

If we take some time to tune in to our part in this foundational balancing act we can create incredible results in our own lives as well as in those around us.

Love and balance,

Kirsty x


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