Let go and create flow …

“Let go and create flow …”

This is a mantra I teach as part of my ‘Journey through the seven chakras' course as we begin to explore the sacral chakra. It is a mantra that I repeat anytime I feel my jaw tensing, my heart rate increasing or my mind resisting. It is my reminder that life is always moving in ways that are unexpected and sometimes scary/frustrating/damn right annoying BUT life has to move and flow in order for us to grow.

I recently attended a retreat where a large part of the day involved bathing in the sounds of various enchanting and traditional tribal instruments. I can't quite put into words the profound effect this had on me but it was magical. To demonstrate the impact the sound had on our physical bodies we were asked to watch what happened when a HUGE singing bowl was filled with water and then played. The water gradually began to vibrate, then bubble and finally jump out of the bowl as if the water were boiling.

Our bodies are made up of up to 75% water, meaning we are largely fluid entities that are constantly vibrating with the sounds and energies around us. For me, this demonstration awakened an even deeper understanding of this profound mantra:

“Let go and create flow …”

To resist the flow of life, especially when it is leading us in sometimes strange and at times rather challenging scenarios, is totally against our bodies natural rhythm. To create fluidity and flow in our physical bodies, energetic bodies and in our minds allows for new opportunities to arise and for untouched crevasses of our souls to be explored.

Life at times becomes rigid. The mind repeats the same thought patterns over and over, the body becomes stiff from a lack of movement and the energy body … well, that just follows suit.


So, introduce some fluidity into your life. Go with the flow. Stop resisting life and allow yourself to move like water – gracefully, seamlessly and without restriction. Dance, move, take chances and most importantly … let go!

With love and movement,

Kirsty x

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