When negativity strikes …

It's all very well being on this mission of positivity, spreading light around the world and trusting that everything happens for a reason, but what about when you come up against negativity? Perhaps we are all used to dealing with, and brushing off, small moans and gripes from others around us but what about when they all come at once?

I found myself recently having a day where I really felt suffocated by the amount of negativity that I was being surrounded by. It was coming from people around me, in the media and even other people's status updates on social media. I could literally feel it sucking me in and I HATED it. It got me thinking that I can't be the only one this happens to, right? I like to think of myself as very much a ‘work in progress' and am usually pretty good at not allowing these things to affect me but, hey, sometimes you just get sucked in.

So, I have put together some tips that really helped me that day to pull myself out of the negativity hole I had unwillingly fallen into:

  1. Stop and drop – Sit down, close your eyes and turn inwards. Meditate. Honour yourself in this moment and offer yourself the chance to regain a state of peace and acceptance for how you are feeling right now.
  2. Ask why – Ask yourself why this is affecting you today. Become aware of the triggers and emotions that have arisen as a consequence. After all, these things are sent to test us and will show up time and time again until we are ready to face them head on.
  3. Speak up – With this new understanding of why things are getting to you, perhaps now is the time to let others know how it is making you feel?
  4. Ground – Get outside and converse with nature. Get back to neutral. Stand tall with your feet firmly on the ground and visualise any remaining feelings of heaviness or negativity running out through the soles of your feet and down into the earth.


Perhaps the biggest lesson I learnt here was that whenever you think you have sussed it, life just shows you how much further you have to go. It's the harder days that become our biggest teachers and the easier days that allow us to acknowledge how far we have come as students.

With truth and perseverance,

Kirsty x

“My new meditation classes begin on Sunday 2 November and will offer a safe space to release any negativity that is weighing you down. Through a visualisation based practice we will enter a state of deep relaxation allowing us to go within and reconnect with our true selves. Spaces are limited as we keep the group intimate. I look forward to seeing you on the meditation pillow. Namaste x”

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