Beyond the ideas of rightdoing …


This quote leapt off the page last night when I was reading my new book ‘Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg' (thoroughly recommend btw) and it really stuck with me.

Got me thinking about the amount of time and energy we waste judging, comparing, defending and arguing with one another when there is so much potential for something different. I feel the problem is that we are often not truly listening to each other. That we have already made up our minds about a certain person or situation and are simply waiting for an opportunity to put our opinions across. How many times has someone surprised you? How many times have you decided that a situation is as it is for a reason only to be proved wrong further down the road? How many times have you labelled a person before even getting to know them? Maybe never, but maybe that's where we are going wrong.

All these judgements and preconceptions come from us, they don't come from the other person or situation because that is not possible. They come from the way we CHOOSE to interpret life and its many guises. You can choose to see the positive and not the negative, you can choose to really listen before judging and you can choose to drop your defences and connect through love.

So, that sticky situation that is weighing you down right now, it is really all it seems? Could you step back, look at things differently, and notice how bringing your awareness to this place allows for a new sense of opportunity and potential to reveal itself?

… I'll meet you there.

Kirsty x

“My next meditation course begins on Sunday 30 November and will offer a safe space to release any negativity that is weighing you down. Through a visualisation based practice we will enter a state of deep relaxation allowing us to go within and reconnect with our true selves. Spaces are limited as we keep the group intimate. I look forward to seeing you on the meditation pillow. Namaste x”

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