What’s your Dharma?

With 2015 on the horizon it feels like a good time to be talking about the concept of Dharma. The idea behind this concept is rooted in Buddhist and Hindu beliefs that we are all here to fulfil a purpose, to offer a unique skill that only we have. Finding this individual path is finding our Dharma.

Some people are lucky enough to live their Dharma from the word go, having always felt on the right path. Many of us, however, find ourselves floating from one job to the next, from one hobby to the next and from one belief system to the next never quite finding the right ‘fit'.

Source: Buddha Doodles
Source: Buddha Doodles

So, how do we find our unique gift or talent and once we are there, how do we know? It is my belief that the difficulty stems from way back to our school days when the emphasis was on good grades and curriculums and not so much on exploring what makes our hearts sing and our minds open. Could it be that even now, we are too caught up in what we ‘should' be doing and sticking with what feels easy and safe, that we push away the activities that deep down we really want to be absorbed in?

“In 2009 I was still struggling and the reason it started to go well was because I stopped caring what other people thought. I stopped trying to get signed, I stopped wanting people to like me and decided to make music for me.” Ed Sheeran, Jonathan Ross Show, December 2014

When you are following your Dharma and therefore your life's calling, time should fly, emotions of excitement, anticipation and joy should come easily and you should feel totally present and absorbed in your chosen task.

Making your Dharma into your full-time occupation is the ideal but the first step is to find out what it is and to bring more of it into your life. Once you are following your Dharma life will seem easier and things will begin to slot into place to create more time and space for developing it.

Today, make a commitment to connect with the yearnings of your heart and the guidance of your intuition and allow them together to lead you to your Dharma. Notice what you are doing when you feel alive and at your best, write down the things you love to do and focus on shifting your prioritise. Make time, drop the ‘shoulds' and ‘what ifs' and step into that unique gift that only you posses.

With love and purpose,

Kirsty x

Ps. It was on the completion of the below promotional video for my business, Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, that I was able to reflect that I am blessed to be living and continually developing my Dharma …

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