The Old ‘Stuff’ …

Ever thought you were totally over something, thought you had made peace with a turbulent time in your life, thought you and the other person had resolved your differences? Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there it is! Slapping you in the face with just as much vigour as before, if not more.

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Been there? My bet is we all have at some point in our lives and often we are left wondering how and why it is back. You realise that perhaps you hadn't totally gotten rid of all the old emotions and frustrations that you thought had been nicely sent away, never to return again. It can feel like the lid has been pulled off a tightly packed jar and all the ‘stuff' has spilled out all over the place.

So, have we taken ten steps back from where we thought we had got to? Are we destined to repeat this pattern time and time again? Or, could there be another reason for such uncomfortableness to resurface?

I like to think that this is actually simply another step in the healing process. I see clients thrown time and time again by what some may term as ‘blocks'. Things they thought they had gotten over, completely resurfacing just when they thought they had nailed it.

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I would suggest a change in perspective. Like each time these feeling resurface it's like someone has turned the light up allowing you to explore them in more depth and with more wisdom behind you. For me, these situations that cause such resurfacing, are not what it is about at all. They are simply the trigger that is needed for you to revisit some old hurts at a deeper level. Because actually, you are now more advanced in your learning to open into the next chapter of your inner understanding. So, not a ‘block' at all but more an opportunity to plant a new seed of potential.

Things only show up when you are ready, not before. Sit with it, ask for inner guidance for the next step and commit to planting your new seed of opportunity, peace and wisdom … then watch if flourish. But, remember, it will need a little nourishment and nurturing along the way.

With an open heart and a helping hand,

Kirsty x

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