It’s a Karma thing … 

Isn't it? Isn't that what takes care of things when life goes wrong?

Well, I like to hope so too and for some reason this idea of Karma has been showing up all around me recently on socia media, in conversation and even on rather lovely handbags in a rather well known accessory shop.

So, I decided to give it some more thought. What does Karma really mean to us and if we were to live totally by this traditional idea of Karma, would it really serve us?

Karma is a Hindu and Buddhist concept of action and consequence. Meaning you do a good deed, good things will come to you. You do a bad deed and bad things will come to you. Fairly simple, right?

I think we are all taught something along those lines as we grow up and somewhere deep down inside us we can connect with this law of ‘like attracts like'.


This made me consider when and how this principle becomes difficult to adhere to. So how about when someone hurts you, perhaps someone you don't even know. Can you hand it over to Karma then? Do you think, “ah well, I will only have positive thoughts towards this hurt as Karma will take care of the rest.” I think a lot of us would like to think we do this but sometimes we just can't resist retaliation. Leaning on Karma alone can sometimes feel somewhat passive and frustrating.

But how about pondering this rather powerful quote by the omnipresent, Buddha:

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

The idea here is that when we get frustrated, annoyed and generally worked up over an alleged injustice the only person we end up hurting is ourselves. 

Do you think the other person feels anything while you are pacing up and down your living room muttering profanities? Nope. 

Do you think the other person will decide to change their ways just because you told them exactly what you thought of them? Probably not.

Do you think the next person you take this frustration out on will realise it actually had nothing to do with them? Doubt it.

And, after all this, did you even feel much better about the situation or about yourself? You can answer this one. 

It would seem that the idea that you can hand this ‘stuff' over and let life (karma) take care of it for you could be the soft landing. It could be the ‘other' option and possibly one that allows for potential to arise out of chaos? It could be the awakening of inspired personal growth.

What do you think?

With space and opportunity,

Kirsty x

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