Five years and counting …

Last month saw us celebrating Uniquely Organic EcoSpa's fifth birthday. Yes, you read that right, it has been FIVE years!?! This was a massive moment for me as I can still remember, at just 23 years old, having this dream to open an organic spa dedicated to holistic healing. On submitting my business plan I remember thinking in my head “If I can just get it to five years then I will have achieved my goal”. So, five years later here I am, writing this.

UO EcoSpa team celebrating our fifth birthday!
UO EcoSpa team celebrating our fifth birthday!

A lot of people asked me, both then and now, “weren't you scared taking such a big step at only 23 years of age?” The truth is, yes, of course I was scared. The thing that kept me together and got me through the tricky stuff was this deep knowing that this is what I HAD to do. Almost like it wasn't even a choice.

To get to five years I have put an enormous amount of faith in life and trust in just allowing things to evolve the way they are meant to. This, by the way, has not been easy. There have been times when emotions have got the better of me and when other people's thoughts or feelings have influenced mine a little too much. But the key thing is, I have always brought it back to me and asked for guidance and stillness to show me the next step.

During this five years I have also had a baby, got married, bought a house and gone through all the usual hiccups that tend to be thrown our way every now and then to keep us on our toes. Through all of this my biggest lesson … BALANCE!

All of our lives are full of ‘stuff'. Stuff that gets boxed into segments such as; relationship stuff, work stuff, friend stuff, personal growth stuff, family stuff etc. At the beginning of this five-year journey you can imagine which one was dominating. Often we tend to allow one of these boxes to over-flow and take over, quite often at the expense of one if not all of the others. But that just isn't  healthy, is it? Without a good balance of all our boxes, we end up tipping the scales and frequently topple over ourselves. To focus all of our energy on just one aspect of our life does not create a whole and it most certainly doesn't allow for awareness of our other needs to come forward.

While I am writing this, I have taken a week off, a space for reflection and me-time. I used to feel insanely guilty about this. I would imagine that everyone at work will think I am swanning around, my husband will think I'm being lazy, my family will think I have it easy and my clients will get frustrated that I'm not there for them. But really! What a load of nonsense! If anything, all of the above have been telling me that I work too hard. Amazing what we can convince ourselves of, isn't it.

I am enormously grateful for the last five years. For the clients I have met, the team I have built, the adventures I have been on and even the totally unbalanced mare I have had at times. Because now, I am still me but a whole lot stronger, wiser and WHOLE than before. Onwards and upwards … here's to another five years!

With so much love,

Kirsty x

8 thoughts on “Five years and counting …

  1. Hi Kirsty,
    Congratulations I wish you continued abundance and blessings. Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt story. You a true inspiration and beautiful soul.

    Lots of love and light
    Jenny xx

  2. Congrats. A worthy achievement you definitely deserve. Without risk, there’s a very small chance of reward yet you went ahead and took a leap of faith. Always nice to see people succeeding in their goals. I’m sure the next five years will be exponentially better for you.

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