It’s time to bubble up people …

Have you ever said “I was totally in my own bubble”? Ever wondered what you meant by that? Could you explain what that feels like? Some words I might use to describe that feeling is zoned out, protected, away with the fairies, daydreaming, self-aware, lost in my own thoughts, unaware of my surroundings … does that sound about right to you?

Would it be safe to say that when we are in our own bubble, even just for a second, we have checked out from everyone and everything around us? Now, you might be thinking that this state only occurs when you are tired, haven't eaten the right foods or are feeling under stimulated – I totally get that! But, what if we could use this simple principle to our advantage? It's always easier to make something a habit when we are already familiar with it, right?

Over the years, many of my fellow therapists and wonderful clients have spoken to me about protecting their energy. Protecting their energy from toxic situations, toxic people and even from draining relationships. As a practitioner in this field for many years I could pretty much compose the A-Z of protection technique methods, but there is one that resonates with me the most. This is what I want to share with you today … THE BUBBLE OF PROTECTION *dun dun duuuun!!*


This technique is easy, quick, creative and familiar. It can be used daily, as a morning protection ritual, or as and when you think you could be exposed to an energy draining situation. So, here's how you do it:

  1. Pause. Close your eyes. Sit or stand still and become present
  2. Ask, in your head, to be shown a colour for your protection that day
  3. Visualise a bubble of that colour beginning to grow from the base of your feet, all the way over your head and back down to your feet to seal the bubble
  4. Notice the size and density of your bubble, this can tell you a lot about your energy body on that day
  5. Ask your bubble for protection and offer gratitude for its presence
  6. Open your eyes. Smile. Go ahead and enjoy the adventure of the day

Give this a try today! With practice these six steps will take seconds but will have a huge impact on your energy levels and will stop you feeling drained, exhausted and depleted.  Remember, we are all responsible for our own energy and, as such, we must choose how we share it with the world.

The beautiful thing about this technique is that you can also use it to protect your friends, family and loved ones too. If you know someone is going through a difficult time simply follow the same six steps but this time visualise the individual you are wanting to protect instead of yourself. For all my fellow body and energy workers out there, try enveloping both yourself and your client at the beginning of your treatments using the same technique. Simply allow the bubble to slowly unveil as you bring your treatment to a close.

I reckon this principle would even work when embracing someone you love in a hug! Go on, give it a go and let me know, in the comments below, how you go …

With love and bubbles,

Kirsty x

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