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Happy Valentines Day everyone❣

I know this is a love it or hate it kinda day but for me it's a day to reflect on the healing energy that makes the world go round. Not so much the lovey dovey side of love (although that is lovely) but more the idea on unconditional love for ourselves and our fellow humans, being.

So often in my work, I see the energy flowing out – we give, give, give until we feel depleted and unable to give anymore. This usually ends in sickness, depression or simple a love lost for life.

This Valentines, my gift to you is to offer a thought, a suggestion. Just for today, slow things down. Ask yourself if your giving and receiving is in balance? If not, show yourself some love today – take a bath, but yourself a magazine, meditate. Do anything that helps your reconnect with you! Not only is this going to feel incredibly healing for you but notice how others around you respond. You might be surprised! After all, what we put our must come back, right?

Have a beautiful heart-felt day everyone,

Kirsty X 

Let's Heal Green Front

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One thought on “Learn to LOVE yourself …

  1. love the message you’re sending out today. take care of YOU, and remember THAT is THE LOVE you’ll see in others coming back to you… keep on inspiring the positive energy. your writing is appreciated! momentummikey 🙂 🙂

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