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Yesterday I attended the Hay House Ignite seminar and what a day it was. At my favourite spa 😉, Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, we stock a wide range of Hay House books, so many of the authors were familiar to me.

I wanted a day to fully immerse myself in fresh knowledge, inspired wisdom and to basically hang out with a load of people that are as ‘weird' as I am.

The day began with Rebecca Campbell who helped us shine some light on many of our day to day struggles and who got us up singing and dancing.

We were then introduced to Sandy Newbigging the founder of ‘Body Calm', now this guy was GOOD! He talked about the mind-body connection and the impact our emotional state has on our physical body. This in itself is no revelation to me but the techniques he used to bring us into the present moment were phenomenal. He also had us all in fits of laughter and what better way to heal is there? He talked us through going into the feeling state of dis-ease when it occurs and how to use our physical ailments as indicators of our blocks and areas of resistance. One thing about Sandy's talk that really resonated with me was the idea that stress causes dis-ease. Sandy concurred with my theory that stress is still a symptom and that there is always a trigger of stress and that this triggers is what needs to be explored. Really worth checking his work out and I will be sure to be getting his books in at UO.
Next, we had Julie Montagu from the US who is well known for her yoga and nutrition as well as the tv show she is in ‘Ladies on London'. Julie emphasised the importance of ‘topping up the tank' as I like to call it. The idea that we shouldn't keep going until we are running on empty. I also connected deeply with her suggestion that when we are doing the things we love we are abound with energy … A good indicator as to whether your life is on path.

Charlie Morley

Now for my favourite speaker of the whole day, Charlie Morley. I have been working in this field for over 13 years but how did I not know more about lucid dreaming. Perhaps it has never been presented to me so well? The ideas that Charlie presented around the ability to meet the shadows within our deep subconscious mind in order to release ourselves of old beliefs was extremely powerful. This is something I will definitely be learning more about. Take a look at Charlie's TED talk to get a feel for his work 👇

The day then took a rather more glamorous turn when we met Gala Darling, another speaker from the US. Gala's story was one of striving for the beauty in life and not accepting anything less. Her inspiring attitude to life made you feel anything was possible and her flashy love rings were a fabulous tool for manifesting our hearts desires.

#higherselfie! No, I haven't gone mad, this was the name of our next double act. A fun, young, bouncy pair who identified the difficulties in being ‘spiritual' and the competitive side of this industry. Their drive was to see people lift each other up and not obsess over the seeming success of their peers. Well worth a ponder, especially for those just stepping out of the spiritual closet.

Kris Carr

And for the grand finale, the one and only Kris Carr. I'm sure many of you are familiar with her work but what a woman! She has been living with cancer for over ten years and it a feirce wellness activist with a larger than life sense of humour. Her main message for the event was to say YES to life and accept all that comes you way. To push yourself into the unknown to allow for new possibilities and endless adventures.

For me, the guys stole the show at this event but every single speaker spoke to a different part of me! I was certainly meant to be there and I cannot wait to bring some of what I have learnt into my work with you.

Love and radiant light,

Kirsty X

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