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If any of you follow me on social media (links above), it will not have gone unnoticed that I attended the event of my life at the weekend. I got to meet my idol, my spiritual mentor and the inspiration for what I am doing today. The man himself, Deepak Chopra (if you have never heard of this great man, click the link, you will be pleased you did!)

He was in London to speak about his new book ‘Super Genes – the hidden key to total wellbeing' which he co-wrote with Rudolph E. Tanzi, a professor of Neurology at Harvard.

Like the good student I am, I was rigorously taking notes throughout the six hour seminar so I could share some of the wisdom from the day with you. But where to start! I have pages upon pages of notes, most of which are much more articulately written in the above said book. So, as Deepak was sharing an unbelievable insight into super genes I am going to share some super quotes that stood out to me over the course of the day. Hopefully they'll live up to their ‘super' name … Ok, I'll stop saying super now. Super! 😆

#1 Super Gene, Super Quote 

“There is no such thing as a ‘thing', only an activity of the universe. By the time you identify something as a ‘thing', it no longer exists.” Deepak Chopra

This was fascinating, we were discussing the solidity of form and the idea that it really has none. That once our human brains identity something as a ‘thing' the experience of that ‘thing' has already passed. We also discussed the enormous potential we have to create a world we want to live in. We identify with our experiences yet we are the ones who create them. We've got to use that power for our own pleasure of experience.

#2 Super Gene, Super Quote

“You're a being that has an experience of something you call your body.” Deepak Chopra

Your body is as ever-changing as everything else around us, it is not fixed. By the time you finish reading this post, your body will be different, in fact absolutely everything about you and the world around you will be different. Think of the potential in that. Think how you could change the experience you know as your body.

#3 Super Gene, Super Quote

“Consciousness transcends individual biology. Consciousness transcends species.” Deepak Chopra

We are not separate from one another, nor are we separate from those we share our planet with. Our bio-fields interact with everything and everyone around us. Contemplate that, and imagine the power collective consciousness can have. You only need to study the behaviour of crowds or gangs to see how this collective consciousness and shared bio-field influences experiences around us. So, if you feel good, feel happy, feel loved and feel connected, you are already doing a huge service to those around you and to our beautiful planet.

#4 Super Gene, Super Quote

“Your biology is an expression of your consciousness.”Deepak Chopra

Now, imagine turning things around. How about not focusing on your aches, pains and physical stress but working on nurturing your spirit. If we are led by our core fundamental being or as some call it, spirit, we are led to a world of opportunity and excitement. If we follow this deeper calling, listen to its wise choices we will in turn see a positive but effortless shift in our physical being.

#5 Super Gene, Super Quote (my fave!)

“We are timeless beings having a time bound experience.” Deepak Chopra

Time is not real. We are not running out of time. We have plenty of it because time is a concept. Time is created by us and measured by us. Time is simply ‘the movement of thought' (Deepak Chopra). So don't be bound by time, don't allow it to rule your life and remove your choices. Slow life down, open your eyes and notice the space that has always been there – all you have to do is step into it.

I hope you get a glimpse into the wonder that was spending a day with Deepak Chopra. The knowledge he holds, both scientific and spiritual, seems almost ethereal. But hey, from what I learnt this weekends, perhaps it could be.

With love and awareness,

Kirsty X

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