Violet Flame Meditation


It's here! I have just uploaded my Violet Flame meditation to YouTube and it is ready for you to dive straight on into. I am really excited to see what you all get from this meditation as it is an incredibly powerful practice.

So here is a little info about the Violet Flame meditation and what you can expect.

  • The Violet Flame is a higher, spiritual energy that helps to burn through blocks and release deeply rooted issues
  • The violet light is at the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. It was always believed to be a transformational colour connected to the spiritual realm.
  • Traditionally it was believed that the colour violet would only appear to the most enlightened beings during meditation
  • The energy of the violet light has been pulled on in many ancient texts as a healing tool
  • The Violet Flame practice is said to be able to transmute negative energy into positive and therefore offer a deeper level of transformation

Be mindful when practicing this meditation and, as I say in the video, make sure you allow more time than usual at the end of your meditation before you go rushing off back to the external world!

Love and violet light,

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