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Meditation is a buzz word at the moment! It is starting to become a mainstream concept that a calmer, quiter mind can lead to a healthier and happier life. As a meditation teacher, this has meant more interest in mindful practices from my clients but has also brought to light many meditation misconceptions.

I hear the same hesitations over and over again from all kinds of people that stop them from embracing this invaluable life tool. I wanted to ‘out' some of these Meditation Myths in the hope that it will encourage some of you to see what meditation is all about.

Myth #1 “I don't know how to meditate, I have never been taught!”

Many people think you need to have a meditation induction by a particular guru or choose a form of meditation to follow. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The beauty of meditation is you can start right now with no particular meditation knowledge and no props!

Myth #2 “I don't have enough time!”

Of course you do! We can all make time for the things that can improve our quality of life. You just need 5-10 minutes three times a week and I promise you will see a difference!

Myth #3 “Once I start, I have to practice everyday and I just can't be bothered!”

Anything you MAKE yourself do will become a chore. Make your meditation practice fit in with you and use it when you feel you most need it.

Myth #4 “But meditation is SO boring!”

Meditation can improve your physical health, it can transform your career, it can make you feel good about yourself and can improve your relationships. It can literally change your life! Still think it's boring?

Myth #5 “I'm not a spiritual person!”

Awesome, you don't have to be! Meditation is a tool. It is a tool to help you relax, destress and calm your mind – why do you need to be a spiritual person to want those things?

Myth #6 “I can't control my thoughts or quieten my mind!”

OK, this is a big one. There are some meditation practices out there that ask you to control your thoughts but these are not techniques you need to be practicing. Simply becoming aware of your thoughts and not putting too much attention on them is meditation.

Myth #7 “I'm not stressed so I don't need meditation!”

Well done, that's great that you aren't feeling stressed. Did you know, meditation boosts immunity, helps you sleep and also helps you build better relationships. What's not to love?

For a long time now, meditation has been bathed in mystical beliefs and spiritual history but it is my firm belief that it can help all of us deal with life. If we were only taught some basic meditation techniques as children I truly believe we would be able to cope with the emotional, physical and mental pressures we all struggle with throughout life. If this were the case I am sure the world would be a much happier and more compassionate place.

For an easy place to start your meditation journey, come over to my ‘Who Are You' video series.

Wishing you health and happiness,

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12 thoughts on “Busting Meditation Myths …

  1. Great post! I think it’s also important to note that there are different forms of meditation, and different ways to meditate. When I first started I did the whole “sit in the couch for 20 minutes and focus on your breath and don’t let your mind wander” thing, which I HATED, no matter how much I tried. But then I discovered guided meditation, which works way better for me and I always look forward to doing it 🙂

  2. It can be very tricky! Absolutely, practice can help and so can accepting that every meditation practice will be a different experience. Thats the beauty of the practice! x

  3. Great post! I especially have trouble with quieting my mind. Too many thoughts going on in there! But I guess practice makes perfect 🙂

    Nadine Smith | ScenesFromNadine.com

  4. Very insightful post! I’ve considered trying out meditation in the past. One of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed yoga is because it was an excellent way for me to relieve stress – the focused breathing/focus on your body ect. really helped me clear my mind. Are the practices similar in any way?

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