“My energy body analysis BLEW ME AWAY! It was like I could make sense of why things had been showing up in my life and visually see what needed work. I have now had it done three times and it’s transformed my personal growth and even inspired my latest business idea. Everytime I have a wobble, I know exactly where to go – thank you Kirsty” Sam, Canada

Over the years I have had the honour of working with thousands of energy bodies which has taught me so much about how we function as energy beings and about how so much shows up in the energetic form before it shows up in the physical world. Clients often ask me how I know so much about their lives through an energy body anaylsis or how I am able to pick up on challenging events/circumstances that may show up for them. It is my belief that the only moment that truly exists is the one we are in now, therefore, for something to manifest it must already present itself as a vibration/energy.

An energy body analysis cuts through the words, thoughts, old programming and projected expectations and tells me EXACTLY what has been going on an individuals physical world, emotional experience and spiritual development. Clients are always fascinated to have an analysis done as they can’t imagine how their energetic imprint can mirror so much of what is happening for them in their world. THIS IS THE MOMENT YOU GET YOUR POWER BACK. To visually see what you are projecting out in to the world empowers you to realise you have the ability to change it. Energy flows, it is never fixed, so the potential to create a new energetic projection is limitless. This empowering discovery sets my clients on an epic adventure of conscious growth.

Regular energy body anaylses  enables clients to see how the inspired actions they are taking lands in their energy body. This gives a unique insight into what’s working, where the resistance is and what to anticipate may surface next.

Whats Involved

Your energy body anaysis includes a personalised application of my healing and coaching practices. Once you have requested your analysis, you will be sent a questionnaire and I begin to hold space for your energy.

On completion of the questionnaire, our time together is scheduled and this is when the magic happens. The sessions are held via video call and you must be able to put aside 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to commit to the session.

Once our session is complete you will receive an image of your energy body and a video of your energy body interpretation and your unique rebalancing formula.

Investment: £150

A wonderful client of Kirsty's has allowed us to share her energy body interpretation video and unique rebalancing formula to give you an idea of the insights channeled through this experience.

PLEASE NOTE – the session itself is not recorded as this is a very personal and healing experience. This video contains the feedback that is sent after the session has concluded.

My mission is to empower women to take back their power and embrace their limitless potential. The work I do is deep, transformational and a catalyst for heightened awareness. As such, the Energy Body Analyses are only available to individuals who are ready to uplevel their lifestyles and commit to radical growth.

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