Kelly’s Story – Interior Therapist

Before working with Kirsty, I felt such a disconnection to myself, I felt like I was trying to please everyone and giving my energy away to people I had no connection with. I found myself in a circle of obliging and serving and giving nothing back to myself. Not being able to say no was a big problem for me. I was longing to find my purpose but felt like my life was being run by others and this deeply saddened me.

I was questioning everything – who I was, where I was going and how I could get off this treadmill. My soul was lost.

I had noticed Kirsty’s posts on Instagram, they had really spoken to me and I wanted to know more. I knew I was unhappy and very disconnected but didnt know how to change this pattern I had found myself in.

Once we spoke about which programme would be right for me, well, the first session just blew me away. I felt and saw so much on our first guided meditation – it was extremely powerful – I could already feel the sadness leaving. I was able to actually see myself again – strong, committed and happy.

I find it hard to be honest about my feelings. I often found myself trying to patch thoughts up and pretend they weren’t there until they got so bad that they paralysed me. Being able to process these emotions in such a safe and supported space allowed me to dig really deep. Kirsty’s experience is like nothing I have ever experienced before. ⠀

I now understand my worth, who I am and why I am here. Kirsty’s fusion of her years of experience in energy work, business, sprituality, and empowerment coaching has armed me with the tools I needed to challenge myself. There is something magical in this work, Kirsty is a true pioneer in her field – an Alchemist. I feel honoured and to have worked with her and very blessed to be on the path I am now on.

I am really excited about moving into my own venture and business and on the days that self-doubt creeps in, I hear Kirsty’s voice of encouragement and now know anything is possible.” Kelly, Interior Warrior, Brighton