Ever been coached?

I have been asked to reflect on situations in my life where I have informally coached and also when I myself have been informally coached. Initially, I got to thinking that I would be able to give lots of examples of times that I have informally coached friends, family and loved ones but after giving…Read more »

Can you show up?

I love life, I really do. I know it sounds corny but that statement just popped into my head as I was doing some work and I knew I needed to share something with those of you that need this. You see, I am following my intuition on this one. I don’t love life because…Read more »

Love Reiki, Love Life …

I have been working in my field for almost 10 years and am now exploring the idea of self-healing more than ever. You see, in the last nine or so years I have come across SO many different clients with a variety of ailments but every single individual has one thing in common. Their physical,…Read more »